Kun sanan on pidettävä

Valid, fulfilled and retained contracts are the cornerstone of our society. While freedom of contract is a guiding principle of contract law, certain provisions may be subject to mandatory regulations. The true quality of a contract is tested in times of dispute. When verbal agreements and consents are not sufficient, Facta can assist in drafting thorough contracts that consider all necessary factors in any given circumstance, ensuring that our clients’ contracts are watertight.

Facta’s team of specialists is one of the most experienced in Pirkanmaa. Our lawyers have decades of experience in handling a diverse range of domestic and international contract matters. Our in-depth knowledge and strong expertise in this area are highly valued by various market players, including enterprises, public institutions and private clients who rely on us for our expertise.

Effective contract management is a crucial component of a company’s overall risk management strategy. At Facta, we serve as trusted advisors to corporations, public institutions and private clients on a wide range of contract matters across various industries and stages of business. If you are currently finalising a contract, we highly recommend having us review it to ensure its accuracy and validity.

Companies and public institutions

The purpose of a business contract is to establish a shared understanding between parties, and to define the rules of engagement. We advise corporate clients and public institutions on various branches of industry and provide cost-effective and comprehensive service in all contractual matters relating to corporate activities. Well-drafted contracts help to minimise the risks involved in critical business activities.

Private clients

A well-drafted contract guarantees a successful outcome and prevents disputes. We assist our clients in all contractual matters, including consumer protection, tenancy agreements, and agreements related to the sale of movable property. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.