To succeed in business, it is essential to aim for common objectives and visions in harmony. The relationship between employer and employee in general is governed by employment law. In addition, branch-specific collective agreements need to be taken into consideration. Legality in all activities, clear contracts and the correct and fair handling of even the most complicated situations maintain the trust between the employer and the employees.

We have been serving our clients successfully in all aspects of employment and labour law for over a hundred years. Our well-recognised expertise has been passed down through generations. In addition, our lawyers constantly develop themselves so that they can continue to be experts in their field. Our attorneys regularly share their knowledge of employment and labour law by providing training seminars for our stakeholders. 

On a daily basis, we assist our corporate clients from the private and public sectors as well as private clients on a broad range of employment matters. We draft and review employment contracts, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, assist in co-operation procedures and dispute resolution related to employment law and personnel issues. In addition, we assist in matters related to health and safety at work.

Furthermore, we are available to the management and personnel departments of our clients for daily questions related to employment. Our employment lawyers have expertise in employment-related disputes and in finding effective solutions to them. Our clients value