Choosing a lean compromise is often more beneficial than pursuing a costly and lengthy legal battle. Sometimes, despite best efforts, it can be challenging to reach a mutual understanding between parties. If legal action is necessary, Facta speaks for you with extensive experience.

Facta’s experts will assist you, relying on its decades of experience in various types of disputes, both in general courts and in arbitration.

When dealing with civil cases, it is crucial to assess the client’s chances of success and estimate the potential of a settlement from their perspective. It is also of primary importance to estimate the chances of an amicable settlement. However, settling may not always be possible, making court proceedings the only option for resolving the matter. To successfully handle a dispute, expertise in the relevant field of law is crucial. Contact us, and we will help you find the right person to handle your case.

Most disputes provide the possibility to claim compensation for legal expenses. Legal protection costs are often covered by business or household insurance.