Individuals and corporations have invested significant assets in real estate, which in turn emphasises the relevance of due diligence and proper contracts. With our expertise and knowledge of real estate matters, such as maintaining and increasing the value of properties and dealing with different of living- and housing-related matters, we can offer effective solutions for our clients.

Our expertise is utilised, among others, by construction companies, real estate investors, contractors, real estate management companies and private clients.

In addition to civil real estate and construction matters, we assist and advise in land use planning and other construction-related legal needs, from the drafting of project documentation to the resolution of disputes arising from these projects. With expertise and cost efficiency, we advise across the full spectrum of both project development and dispute resolution. 

Our services for companies and public entities

Our attorneys assist clients from both the private and public sector in real estate and construction matters.

In construction projects, properly drawn up contracts play a central role. Disputes can often be avoided with precisely drafted terms specifying the rights and obligations between parties. Typically, the Finnish general conditions for building contracts are applicable in the field of construction. However, the Finnish general conditions do not cover all individual requirements of each contract, so it is essential to agree on the terms of the contract on a more detailed level.

Sometimes, disputes cannot be avoided despite a precise contract. In the event of a dispute, our mission is to serve our clients’ best interests. We achieve this through settlement negotiations, court proceedings, arbitral proceedings or alternative dispute resolution.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in assisting clients with a range of projects related to new construction, extensions and reconstruction. From the initial planning stages to completion, we provide comprehensive legal support to help ensure your project’s success.

Our services for private clients

We assist our clients, both buyers and sellers, in real estate and housing transactions. Our attorneys counsel clients in dozens of real estate and housing cases every year, including contract negotiations, drawing up transaction documents, preparing and responding to claims arising from transactions, and assisting in dispute resolution. 

Sometimes, co-owners of a property or an apartment may have disagreements that require the dissolution of the joint ownership. Our attorneys assist clients in matters related to the termination of joint ownership, and act as neutral trustees in proceedings concerning the dissolution of joint ownership.